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LG Electronics Selects Laplink PCmover for Fast and Easy PC Setup

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 2, 2022 — Laplink Software, Inc., the global leader in PC migration and creator of the only software of its kind recommended by Microsoft®, Intel®, and all major PC manufacturers, today announced that global innovator LG Electronics (LG) has selected PCmover Professional to bundle with its 2022 LG gram laptop computers. PCmover will now be included free of charge to help streamline the move to a new LG gram by making it quick and easy for customers to transfer over all of their apps, data, and settings from their old PC.

“Research shows that the transfer of existing apps, data and settings to a new PC is a big pain point for users. LG is addressing this by working with Laplink to include PCmover Professional with the new LG gram devices,” said Young-jae Seo, Senior Vice President and head of LG’s global IT business. “With just a few clicks, everything the user wants is automatically transferred from their old PC to their new gram. Including PCmover further supports LG’s commitment to providing customers the best possible product experience.”

Laplink’s collaboration with LG is in response to a significant customer need. Recently, Laplink conducted a customer survey which found that nearly 75% of survey participants would purchase a PC sooner if PCmover had been included with their purchase. Most respondents indicated that the complexity and hassle of setting up a new computer without the help of data transfer software makes them reluctant to purchase a new PC. In addition, an overwhelming majority appreciated the ease of use, speed, and accuracy of PCmover when transferring their programs, files, and settings from an old PC to a new one.

“We are very pleased to partner with LG to provide PCmover Professional with new LG gram laptops. PCmover makes it quick and easy to transfer everything you want from an old PC to your new LG gram,” said Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink Software. “Consumers and small businesses in particular face a significant barrier as part of the new PC experience – how to move everything from the old PC without a lot of hassle. And without an easy solution, the result is a delay of new PC purchases. By partnering with PC manufacturers like LG to provide PCmover at no charge, we can remove this barrier and accelerate PC sales.”

According to Koll, since many of the new LG grams are 12th-generation Intel EVO devices, the data transfer process using PCmover is easier and faster than ever. Intel’s Alder Lake processors’ new hybrid architecture offers a mix of performance and speed cores that significantly increase PC performance, enabling users of all types to take a major step forward in productivity.

“Supporting the PC buyers’ journey is important to Intel, and we understand the value to our customers of having a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution that moves a user’s data, apps, settings and more from their old PC to a new one,” said Stephanie Hallford, Vice President and General Manager of Business Client Platforms at Intel Corp. “Laplink is a long-time partner of Intel’s, and we see Laplink’s PCmover as a great product to solve this problem for enterprise and consumer users alike. LG’s decision to include PCmover Professional with their exciting new LG gram laptops demonstrates their commitment to giving users what they want most, the ability to use their new device in hours, not days.”

To make it even easier for customers to transfer their data from an old PC to a new one, Laplink also offers complimentary 24/7 Free Transfer Assistance from certified migration experts. This support is available by phone, email, and live chat on the company’s website at contact.laplink.com.


About Laplink Software, Inc. 

For nearly 40 years, Laplink has been a global leader in consumer, SMB, and enterprise PC migration software, and has earned the loyalty and trust of millions of organizations and customers worldwide. The company’s PCmover software saves time and budget, reduces migration risks, and increases efficiency. Only PCmover’s proprietary technology includes full selectivity that transfers data, applications, and settings from an old PC to a new one, even if the two PCs run different versions of Windows. The privately held company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. 


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